List Of Common Item What Weighs 200 Grams

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If you want to pick any product that weighs about 200 grams, you need to build accurate knowledge about 200 grams. This funny thing is that we are talking about only “what weighs 200 grams” in this article. So stay tuned to something better.

Which regular item weighs are 200 grams? The answer will be an easy lot of items can amount to 200 grams, such as some household items, nickels rolls, 1 cup of sugar, small animals, and some food item. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Some Household Items That Weigh About 200 Grams

1. 3 C-Cell Batteries

3 C-Cell Batteries What Weighs 200 Grams

You are almost always facing some item that weighs around 200 G, but you don’t know which ones? You will know everything from now on. Here we are, waiting for some surprising things.

Any smart husband or housewife knows one C-cell battery weighs about 67 grams. When joining three together, that makes about 201 grams. It is close to 200 G.

 2. A Roll of Nickels

Each coin weighs 5 grams. Each roll contains 40 coins. So, A roll of new US nickels weighs approximately around 200grams.

3. 200 Paper Clips

A regular standard paper size weighs about 1 gram. So, it’s easy to count that 200 paper clips together equals exactly 200 grams.

4. 80 Pennies

A regular fresh standard penny weighs about 2.5 grams. If you can gather 80 Pennies together, it will be around 200 Gram.

Some Food Items That Weight About 200 Grams

1. A Cup of Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar is a common baking ingredient and essential constituent to the householder. This is very common to need one cup of sugar to cook.

Have you ever weighed a cup of granulated sugar? Surprisingly the weight of one cup of water is 200 Gram.

 2. 200 Cubic Centimeters of Water

You will not find any such family they live without water. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form is water, which weighs 200 grams in two hundred cubic centimeters.

3. A Pomegranate

A fresh ripe pomegranate weighs around 200 grams. Since this is a fruit, which is familiar by the name of pomegranate day by day varies in size and shape, which can change their weight. 

A time of age becomes to be around 200 grams at a time.

Some Animals That Weigh About 200 Grams

1. An Adult Hamster

The exact weight of the hamster depended on the hamster’s age, breed, and gender. But we can say; generally, adult hamsters weigh around 200 grams. 

2. Two-Week-Old Kitten

The zoologist report that the weight of a 2-week old kitten is approximately 7 ounces. If we convert ounces to grams, 7 ounces will be 200 grams. Some are country use grams instead of ounces.

So long we are talking about what weighs 200 grams. We displayed some products, animal, food-related topics. Although the discussion seems simple, in-depth information about 200 grams has been tried to complete.

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