How much does a concrete barrier block weigh?

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For a long time, the concrete barrier was the material of choice for maintenance road traffic. Even today, in modern times; concrete barriers are still used by construction companies and used as a medium for some roadside. Also Available to see, these are using on footpaths to divide vehicles and people movement places. Alongside concrete barrier special medium to provide security pedestrians especially the child and older person. So this is our social responsibility properly know about that. Some responsible person waked up on mind “how much does a concrete barrier weight, how to make it, what is the material to use or lots. So, let’s discuss it.

4,000 lbs.

A Concrete barrier length is around 10 ft and weighs 4,000 Ibs, block of the barrier is constructed from reinforced concrete to use highway departments or highway contractors. 

Concrete barrier blocks weight

Full Barrier Block size: 2’x2’x6′ | Approximately 4,000 pounds weight of 1-yard concrete. Half Barrier Block: 2’x2’x3′ | Approximately weight 2,000 pounds of 1/2 yard concrete.

2x2x6 concrete blocks weigh approximately 1750 lbs.

What is a concrete jersey barrier?

Jersey barrier is an excellent modular concrete or plastic barrier employed to separate lanes of traffic all so-called Jersey wall, and Jersey bump.  It is designed to control the overcrossing tendency or minimize vehicle damage. Jersey Barrier is very heavy sometimes Overspeed car while doing out of control barrier protect to go off the road.

12′ concrete jersey barrier weight?

Approximately 1750 lbs weigh of a 2x2x4 concrete block. A 12 jersey barrier weight will be 600lb per foot. 

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