How much does an ant weigh?

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 Most” common ants we see every day” weigh about 5 to 10 milligrams. The large species of ants can weigh up to 150 milligrams. 

And” the smallest known species of ants, called pharaoh ants, weigh only 1 or 2 milligrams.

 Most ants are easily recognizable by their distinctive body shape and the two antennas above their head. 

Most can lift about 20 times their weight. As’ a round estimate, it would take about 30,00 ants to lift’ one pound. 

In human terms, this is equivalent to 5 small cars at a time. 

Ants are incredibly’ powerful for their size.

 “Surprisingly, studies have shown that the weight of all ants” on earth is equal to that of almost all humans on earth. 

Both species weigh about 10 billion tons.


Ants are common insects, but they have some special abilities. They are mainly found” in tropical forests. Where in some places up to half of all insects can live. There are more than 10,000 species of world-famous ants. Ants look like “Whales. 

The ant also has a large head, antenna at the elbows, and strong jaws. These insects belong to the order Hymenoptera, including beetles and bees. Ants have a narrow waist” between have the abdomen and the breast.


 No one knows rightly how many ants have there are in the world, Although according to most experts, the average weight of an ant is less than 10 milligrams. 

Some ants weigh 60 mg but, they are really” big ants! said Francis Ratnix, a professor of apiculture at the University of Sussex.

 It is very easy* to weigh an ant. The average weight of ants varies from 1 to 150 mg depending* on the species. The black and red forest ant weigh about 5-5-7 milligrams. American working ant weighs up to 90 milligrams.

Rember that the symbol for milligrams means milligrams or one-thousandth of a gram. 

That means that if’ each ant weighs 10 milligrams, for example, one ant will weigh on grams at a time.


So far “BBC” Four has demanded the documentary, ants number is not 10,000 trillion but 100 trillion, although it still suggests that the total weight of ants is equal to the total weight of humans. You buy a small electronic balance, and you put the ant on the balance

 But I talk advise” you to keep ants in the fridge first, That way the ant doesn’t run anyway. 

“And another way; You simply, take a suitable container such as a sample tube and weigh it empty, then place a count number of ants, weigh again, Cut the weight of the empty” tube and divide it by the number of ants. 

Thus we can do get the weight of an ant.


The size of an ant depended not only on the species but also on a particular ant species. Have a different size, for example, staff and queen ants. You see the small ants that are only 0.75 mm ( 0.03 in ) long and also giant’ insects that grow up 52 mm ( 2 in ).

  • Carpenter Ant: Carpenter ant size between 6 to 12 mm ( 0.236 – 0.47 in ). Carpenter ants are a relatively large ant species.
  • Fire Ant:     Worker fire ants range in size from 2 to 6 mm ( 0.078 – 0.236 in )
  • Bullet Ant:   These reddish-black ants range in length from 18 to 30 mm ( 0.7 – 1.18 in ).
  • Suger Ant:    Adults are usually 2 to 15 mm ( 0.07 – 0.6 in ) tall. Sugar ants can be very gently in size. 
  • Queen Ant:     The queen has a long lifespan, and in most cases, it is much larger than the other members of the ant colony. Other ants pay close attention to it. The queen of the colony” is relatively easy to identify.  
  • Army queen Ant size:    Some of them are big, even up to a few centimeters. Army ant queen queens do not have wings and have large gastric sizes.
  • Thief ant size:    These light brown or yellow ants are usually 1.5 to 2.2 mm ( 0.06 – 0.086 in ) long. 


Ants have been “recorded” to be able to carry up to twenty times their won body weight. In the “Journal of Biomechanics, recharge reports that a typical American field ant neck joint can withstand up to 5,000 times the weight of ants. The Ant bodies are so light. And ant hard, exoskeletons inside have bodies. There is a very reason to compare large animals with the strength of small animals when they can lift more than their weight. As can apply full force so, An ant carries on weight more than a man. 

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