how much does a transmission weigh

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A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system it moves the power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission job is to make sure that to drive at a certain speed, whether the wheel is getting the right amount of power. Transmission is the most important component of vehicles. You will not see any modern car in the present without it. So, talking about how much does a transmission weigh, this is no less necessary than the other part of the car.

Average standard sizes transmission weighs around 100 to 400 pounds (45 to 181 kg) or about 226 lbs (103 kg). Transmission performance depends on the vehicle generally. The Lightweight transmission high performance is accomplished.

The transmission key is based on designing architecture related to weight and transmits energy engine to the wheel. All transmissions are not made in the same way, so they weigh not the same.

GM vehicles front-wheel drive transmission weighs around 187 to 293 pounds, depending on the version of the car. The same weight range to rear wheels of the transmission range is(4 and 5 – speed).

7 Transmission Weights Chart

See the chart below, and you will gain at least minimum knowledge about the weight of the transmission. Here we featured some specific models that weigh range heavy to light.

FORD Trans Automatic Transmission FC4Z7000V363 lbs165 Kg
All-Trans Automatic Transmission A120004290 lbs132 Kg
Eaton 4-speed EV Transmission  240 lbs109 Kg
All-Trans Automatic Transmission A534004  235 lbs107 Kg
FTI 700R4 Automatic Transmission Kit 30-Spline  205 lbs93 Kg
FTI TH400 Performance Manual Transmission  158 lbs72 Kg
Ford Performance Super-Duty T-5 Transmission 5-Speed  90 lbs41 Kg
Sources: Eaton, Jegs, Autozone

Types Of Transmission

Two types of transmissions can be used in the car. Those are automatic and manual. Although the work is one, a little difference has in performance and for a few years has increased the demand of automatic transmission. Go to a quick look at two types.

Manual Transmission

All of the old car gear was controlled by manual transmission. It is also known as “stick shift,” the diver controls the gear with a gear stick doing up, down, left, and right. When you first learn car driving, the mentor will try to teach manual transmission control first of all.

The manual transmission allows the car to travel at different speeds with different gears. The manual transmission supplies energy from to engine as the gears up and down, which controls the rotation of wheels. The other amazing feature is the clutch disc. It looks sandwiched between the transmission and the engine.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission has two major changes from the manual transmission. First of all, clutch pedal in automatic transmission secondly gear shifting is missing here. It works quite sample to describe. The automatic transmission needs no direction to control the gear system from the driver.

Which is the heavy transmission?

Obviously, the automatic transmission is heavy than manual or stick shift transmissions.

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