How Much Does A Gallon Of Oil Weigh? 6 Common Oil Weigh

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Generally, the weight of a liquid depends on the concentration of the substance. Oil is no exception. However, the weight of a gallon of the oil depends on the oil type, including the storage temperature, density, and pressure. The temperature of the oil is a big factor in changing the weight. 

How much does a gallon of oil weigh? In 1866 according to international standards, the oil will measure or assessed in barrels. Normally, one barrel of oil equals 42 US gallons. Since 1893 define as the US gallon, one barrel of oil proximity 158.987294928 liters. So, the volume of one barrel of oil is 159 liters.

Each Gallon Oil: Typically, standard oils range from 7 to 8 pounds, and stored crude oil is about 7.2 pounds per gallon.

  • Per gallon of recycled motor oil weighs around 7 pounds or 3.17 KG.
  • One gallon of olive oil oils weighs approximately 7.6 pounds 3.26 KG.
  • One gallon of glycerin weighs up to 10.5 pounds 4.76 kg. [glycerin oil is slightly heavy from the other common oils.]

Viscosity Is Matter Of Change Oil Weigh?

Yes. Viscosity is the tendency of a fluid to block flow. In simple language, The measurement of oil flow is called viscosity. The exact weight may also vary depending on the temperature at which the oil is stored. Viscosity is affected due to temperature fluctuations. As a result of the viscosity being affected increase the internal friction of the oil and the weight change. Extra temperature thinner the oil, decreases the dimension of viscosity and reduces the oil weight because oil molecules flow more freely.

Comparison: Oil Weight VS Water Weight

Usually, we think wrongly about the weight of oil and water. We think oil will weigh more because water is thinner than oil. What we know is completely false.

It is true that oil is thinner than water. That’s why when you try to mix oil and water together, you will find that it’s not mixing, and oil floating on the water. Oil rises on top of the water because water is denser than oil.

How Much Does A Gallon Of Oil Weigh?

Amount Weigh In Different Units
1 Gallon7.61 Pounds
1 Gallon3.78 Liters
1 Gallon128 Ounces
1 Gallon3.45 Kilograms

How Much Does A 55-Gallon Drum Of Oil Weigh In Pounds?

Model Of 55 – Gallon DrumAverage Weight In IbsAverage Weight In KG
Fiber Drum17 lbs7.7 kg
Red Plastic Drum Open -Closed Top22 lbs10 kg
Nestable Plastic Drum24 lbs10.8  kg
Plastic Drum Open Top25 lbs11 kg
Lined Steel Drum Open Top45 lbs20 kg
Stainless Steel Drum Open Top50 lbs23 kg

6 Common Oil Weigh Details

Crude Oil

There is a huge economic market for crude oil worldwide. Many countries’ economies stand based on it. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, and some middle east countries extract a lot of crude oil from mine.

Barrel stored crude oil weight is around 7.2 pounds per gallon. It is used in our daily life, such as electricity generation, transportation (Vehicles), heating and varied petroleum products, plastics, office, and home. 

To sell crude oil in the barrel is usually stored in 55-gallon barrels. Crude oil temperature doesn’t affect more in viscosity as greatly as temperature affects oils like motor oils or cooking oils. So, temperature fluctuations don’t affect more in weight.

ProductsAmountTotalOuncesWeight of a gallon
Corn Oil1 gallon7.2 pounds115.2 ounces3.26587 KG

Recycle Motor Oil

Usually 7 pounds to each gallon. It is thinner than the common motor oil because it has been strained, so the viscosity of this oil is changed. In the case of oil, viscosity changes to the weight change.

Body Oil

You can easily find this Neutrogena Fragrance body oil in the local drugstore. It is specifically formulated to protect the skin from different damage types. Mostly used on dry skin. Sometimes use nourishing powers oil performance.

Around weighs around 7 pounds per gallon. Body oil is more lightweight than other oil. Mineral oil is not as dense as cooking oil and is even lighter than automobile oils or crude oil. So is called the body oils is lightest of all processing oil. 


Glycerin is also called glycerol. It looks like a colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting liquid whose density is high and used to enhance beauty.

Per gallon of glycerin weighs up to 10.5 pounds 4.76 kg. The cause of excess weight is glycerin is a special type of oil that density is high.

Coconut Oil

In recent years, the popularity of coconut oil is increased for health benefits. According to the celebrity opinion coconut oil help

  • To get rid of belly fat
  • To control appetite
  • To increase immunity
  • To prevent heart disease, etc.
US CupsOunceGrams
1 cup7.37 oz209g
2 cups14.74 oz418g
1 tbsp0.46 oz13.06g
1 tbsp0.46 oz13.06g
1/2 cup3.69 oz104.5g
3/2 or 1 1/2 cups11.06 oz313.5g

Cooking Oil

A bit lightweight of cooking oil. It is more than lightly used to lubricate our automobile engines. Even it has a very less density than the oils we use to lubricate our automobile engines. 

Corn and Vegetable oil both weigh proximity 8 pounds per gallon. 

ProductsAmountTotalOuncesWeight of a gallon
Vegetable Oil1 gallon8 pounds128 ounces8lbs
Vegetable Oil1 U.S. Cup of Vegetable Oil 0.48Ounces0.48Ibs


Different types of oil are available worldwide. Without oil, we wouldn’t be able to get the right delicious food on our table. Oil is also used to keep healthy our skin natural, to polish the furniture, and mostly the transport industry. We can’t lead a single day without it. Without it, we will not be able to survive. So in the long, we completely focused on how much does a gallon of oil weigh as well as details about different types of oil weight and necessary. As a farewell message to say take care of this industry.

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