How Much Does A Bale Of Cotton Weigh And Size

Last Updated on March 13, 2022 by William S. Hatton

The weight of cotton will be different based on country. In the United States, weigh a bale approximately 500 pounds or 226.8 kg. A bale of cotton weighs around 730 pounds or 331.1 kg in the UK. In India, a bale of cotton weighs nearly 392 pounds or 177.8 kg.

According to the Joint Cotton Industry Bale Packaging Committee (JCI PC), the standard dimensions of cotton bales weigh around 480 pounds, and the size will be 54 inches long, 20 inches wide, and must have a tie width of about 33 inches. The standard size of cotton bale is found from roughly 17 cubic feet of cotton fiber. 

But you have must remember cotton is a natural element. It’s not human manufactured, So its dimensions may vary according to the soil of different countries.

How Much Does a Bale of Cotton Cost?

Normally you have to spend roughly $360 to get a standard-sized bale due to one pound cotton costs around 75 cents. It isn’t easy to shear the exact price right this minute because worldwide prices fluctuate, so you can contact or confront commodities brokers to get updates. The matter of bale price depends on the qualitative of cotton. The overall cost and weight will be influenced by transport and packaging.

Quality Of Cotton?

You believe or not products quality is related to weight. If doing evil with elements, the exact weight will change. In the cotton industry, 50 plus countries supply cotton in a large number worldwide. The quality of all cotton is not the same at all.

The quality of cotton is affected by climate, soil, the natural behavior of countries, and the manufacturing process. The variety of soil has different organic materials. Due to this, various strains grow well in different climates.

Scientists find out the variety of nutritious in different areas, and the Caribbean soil grows product is not similar to Florida grown product. The same things happen worldwide.

Can you notice how grown cotton is used in greenhouses and indoor technology? In this technology, cotton is grown as far north as Maine. Here is a limitation the produced cotton will be a specific item, not more.

How is a bale of cotton produced?

Cotton arrives a large number at the gin. Gin is a center where processing cotton to get a structure into the usable fiber. The row cotton we are known as lint. Before being placed in a bale, it is processed and combed into a straight fiber whatever the round bales have a standard measurement. Cotton is a sustainable element in nature when removing the seeds from lint are sent to processing cottonseed oil. 

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