How Much Does A 5 Gallon Bucket Of Paint Weigh

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An average stander of a gallon of paint weighs around 6 and 12 pounds. You can expect the average range of a 5-gallon bucket of paint weight is between 40 and 60 pounds. However, the exact weight depends on the paint type and brand. Latex paint a five-gallon container weighs around 56 pounds. You have to count the extra 10 to 15 pounds. It will increase the overall load, which originally weight of the bucket.

We always need painting work in our daily life sometimes We do the work ourselves otherwise we hire any painter. To complete painting projects, you must have deep knowledge of the core of painting and have an idea of paint weight. Otherwise, you can’t reduce the budget.

Let us know about the weight of different types of paints and also go into details about ‘how much does a 5 gallon bucket of paint weighs.

How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?

Paint is sold in gallons or quarts worldwide. Most famous companies, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, AkzoNobel, supply and shipping paint this same method. You will get a variety of budget-friendly paint boxes, ranging from small to medium. These types of paintbox are user-friendly for short tasks like short-wall coloring, bicycle, handle, windows, etc. Think you build a house now want to start ornamenting with color over the dwelling. It will be a big project to paint the entire house you need many paint buckets. If you don’t know about paint gallon weight and price, then anyone makes you fool and consume the money. So, be aware of having time.

Weigh of paint is related to brand and type. Brands make different types of paint with separate densities this reason, paint type and brand also impact the weight. Paint weight varies depending on whether it is thick or thin. How heavy a gallon of paint weighs depends on how thick or thin it is.

Each gallon acrylic Latex Paint weighs around 6 and 12 pounds, oil enamel paint weighs around 15 pounds or 6.80389kg, egg tempera 2 pounds or 0.907185kg, and watercolor weighs about 4 pounds or 1.8kg.

Tempera paints are available in gallons or half-gallon. Its mixing capacity is much better. Latex paints and enamel paints are available medium size in the market. Unlike all paints, acrylic and oil-based paints are available in small quantities in the local market.

Latex Paint

Latex is a water-based, eco-friendly paint. Latex paint is made from acrylic resin, also similar to acrylic paint. It’s mostly used for construction and home improvement projects. Latex is non-toxic paint, so it’s safe for the environment. A 5-gallon bucket will be around 56.5 pounds, albeit the exact amount varies according to the brand. The 5 gallons can cover a single 2,000 square feet coat. With this calculation in mind, you can easily estimate the requirement of the large painting project.

Latex is the best choice for painting larger areas because it is cheaper, dries slowly, and is easy to buy large quantities without any hassle.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic is part of the love of artists. It Developed in the 40s, and day by day, it has become the choice of millions of professional artists. Acrylic has some similar prominent like latex. It is also a water-based paint, but the percentage of acrylic is higher. 

Acrylic is the best combination of oil paints – the ability to blend smoothly, opaqueness, and vibrant colors with some awesome features makes it different from others. Easy to clean, quick-drying, and soluble, make acrylic paint the best choice of the artist to watercolors.

Acrylic paint is thicker than latex. You can accept 55 to 60 pounds on 5 gallons. Due to its high thickness, acrylic cannot cover the same square feet as latex. So, you cannot paint a larger spot using it. A 5 gallons bucket of acrylic paint may cover 1,250 square feet area.

Enamel Paint

The most used paint name is enamel. Enamel paint is mostly defined by its quality. It is a solvent-based paint. It means that enamel paint looks vitreous(something looks glass). Solvent-based paints are also called oil-based paints, so enamel paint is familiar named oil-based paint.

Enamel paint is popular to use outdoor furniture or automotive. It is easy to control and use on the product. When it dries, do looks glossy where it is used.

This painting has a broad category and has a varying density that is a matter of weighting. This is the reason enamel paint is hard to measure than others.

The weight of each gallon of automotive enamel is 11 pounds or 5 kg. 5 gallons weigh approximately 55 pounds or around 25kg. 

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