How Much Do Lions Weigh – Detailed Discussion

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How much do lions weigh? Although the question seems to be easy, it seems as hard as it seems as simple. At present, lions largest member of the “big cat” family, after the tiger. Now we are talking about different types of lion weight. It depended on lion types of ages, genera, species, As well as have the male and female. 

We know that the lion (Panthera leo), also acquainted as the African lion, comes out to the Panthera genus and the Felidae family, the whole world reigning at once. Let us go to detail known about the weight of this majestic animal.

How Much Do Lions Weigh On Average

The fully adult lion weighs between 180 kilograms to 200 kilograms or 420 pounds (190.5 kg).

According to the analysis of the University of Michigan animal diversity web, male lions grow perfectly at around 420 pounds(190 KG), and of the adult male Asian lions, growth will be around 350 lbs (160 kg). So, the African lions are Slightly overweight than the Asians. Adult male African lions and Asian lion weight difference is just 30 kg. 

How Much Do Mountain Lions Weigh?

Family Felidae has a subfamily called Felinae, and the cougar is a large cat in the Felinae. It roams in South America. There are also see different forests in South America. It has many names known, including catamount panther, puma, mountain lion. Due to the wide area, we know its different names. 

An adult fresh-looking mountain lions have a tan-colored coat; that’s why it matches much the African lion, though male lions are larger than females. 

An adult male mountain lion weighs 110 to 180 pounds. On the other hand, female lions weigh 80 to 130 pounds. There have been some rare cases, exceptional crossed their limits 200 pounds exceeded.  

Mountain lions’ long and heavy tails feature separate from other lions. It is the most recognizable feature of the American lion. The long and heavy tail almost one-third of the lion’s total length adult males measure 6 to 8 feet, and females will be 5 to 7 feet. This measure completed will from nose to tail.

How much do baby lions weigh?

At birth, the average weight of a baby lion is between 2 pounds to 4 pounds or 0.9 kg to 1.8 kg. On the first birthday, the baby lion can be reached 50 pounds or 22 kg cause it is early growing.

 A newborn baby lion can be called Lion cubs; they are born blind. Lion cubs need around three weeks to start a level of walking, and in just a day or two, the cubs are trying to do crawling. Generally, newborn lion cubs are born blind and need around seven days to open their eyes. At this time, the baby lions feel helpless, and the parents help complete any work. They need around 2 years to achieve hunting skills.

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